Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dewald Family Reunion

August 12th weekend was another quick trip home to the farm and small town I grew up in.

We spent Saturday in town with tons of extended family for the Dewald reunion (mom's side of family).
It was nice to see the family members that we don't see that often. We played at the park where I used to play as a kid! They even got a few new cool pieces.

'Pete's Posse' tshirt - replica of the family shirt we wore at a reunion about 30 years ago. Pete was my Grandpa (my mom's dad. So it was all his and my Grandma's children, grand children, etc. that wore these shirts.
kids water fight!
Rhys getting ready to soak Skye ;-)
And we got to spend some time playing at the farm too.
The kids especially loved the new 'toy' Grandpa bought them! Not going to lie - it had me a lot nervous. Which is weird, because growing up on the farm, we were driving everything young!! It was the natural thing to do - haha. 

Rosie kitty.
Both kids love the animals.
riding double - not a great idea Grandpa!

Skye's 2 new pets - ladybugs
she brought all the way back from Grandpas
Rhys playing peek-a-boo

Cousin fun

My sister Cora, brother-in-law Ted and their little girl Aviana (who is the same age as Rhys) finally came for a visit on the weekend of July 22. They managed one last trip in before Cora has their 2nd baby!

Saturday we visited the zoo! It was the usual craziness of kids wanting to run wild, 4 year old attitude, one kid wanting in the stroller, the next one wanting out, not wanting to go home…but the kids had fun anyway, and the adults needed more coffee!

Sunday morning we went to Riley Park for 3 hours. It was packed for the gorgeous HOT day.
The kids floated their boats and played with the tubes. We had a little picnic before we left.

We will see them again in about a month's time when we go to visit the new baby!

My youngest sister Janessa, her husband Brett, and their kids - Vann & Veda - came a week after Cora's visit. We only had one free day to spend with them and had planned on taking them to see the zoo also, but it was POURING rain that day, so we went to check out the Sparks Science Centre instead. It was the first time we had visited, so we weren't sure where the best place to spend most of our time was. Near the end of our visit we found the toddler play area and that was by far the favorite!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Annual summer vacation

We went on our annual summer boating vacation to Hayden Lake, Idaho this year from July 10 - 19.
It was a switch from our usual location of Montana, but we had been at Hayden Lake about 7 years ago. It was a little further drive, but the kids did not too bad.

daily recreational fishing off our dock - catch & release (only small fish around)

The lake was very nice and the house we stayed in was awesome! Right on the lake with a big deck for the kids to play on. The weather was so-so. Mid 20's but cloudy most days. We had a couple days of really hot weather, so that was good.

saw lots of deer everyday
our own cherry tree

the kids feeding a family of geese that would come by everyday for supper!!
rainy day vacation tradition - puzzles!
future puzzle masters
captain Rhys

look mama -  no hands!! super Ryan!
THIS is what happens when mama
doesn't go out on the boat!

 Besides boating, we got to make a few trips to TARGET (yay! still miss Target in Canada!), have fun one day at Silverwood amusement park, and visit some other parks and sites. 

Rhys grabbed this "lob-bi-lop" as soon as we
entered the gates and did not put it down until
we got home that night!
flashback! how old IS Garfield??! haha

buddies (most of the time)
look at this bed head!

little frog

lots of ice cream on summer vacation!