Wednesday, March 28, 2012

for all of you who can't wait any longer...

I am having a whale! Yup - just had an ultrasound and it is confirmed! A big healthy whale. So cute - haha. I won't be laughing when that whale has to come out though :-(
But everything else looks great and the baby looks healthy, so that is all that matters :-)
Here is the latest photo of the baby and me.

41 weeks...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I think...

this baby needs a flashlight to help it find it's way out!
Cause it is still not here. 

Today's events were:
- doctor's appointment
- nap
- massage
- grocery shopping
- walk
- 10 minutes bouncing up & down on exercise ball
 (hopefully no shaken baby syndrome with this one)

If that doesn't help get the kid out...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ding ding ding...fully cooked?

well, we seem to have made it to the end of the journey...or close anyway. Still no sign of the baby "popping out" (like Dino says). Tomorrow is actual due date, so I guess I technically have one more day to go.

Just waiting now...finishing up a few small items on the list. There is more to do, but I have lost some of my motivation...

I've come to dread nights and the whole "sleeping" process, even though I know it's only going to get worse :-) but at least at that point there will be something cute & cuddly to look at? I guess Dino is cute & cuddly too, but you know what I mean.

Dino's come up with a few witty comments the past few days:

"we should name our kid's not going to be a "crack" baby, but a "Gaviscon" baby."

and the best one (which I think is SO appropriate and should actually be the correct term - except for the 12cm part...):

"this baby will only pop out when you are 12cm violated!!"  haha

that's about all I got for now! I'm sure you will hear if there is anything new.

Monday, March 12, 2012

38 1/2 weeks...

It's been a busy couple weeks...  

Who's putting who to sleep??
pretty soon I will be walking!
Cora, Janessa & Vann came up to help "stock the freezer".

We cooked until we couldn't stand anymore!

It was a fun weekend though.
I am very lucky to have their help!

Yummy cupcakes from Cakeworks
Homemade diaper trike - awesome job Karrie!

I finished up work on Friday. It's crazy to think that after 11 1/2 years of driving there everyday and walking into the same place, I will now be gone for a year. It was a fabulous day though.
I got spoiled with gifts and treats and at the end of the day I got to go to the pub and celebrate with all the friends that are more like family to me. I will miss them a lot, but will be stopping in for frequent visits. :-)


I can't believe how this thing sticks out!
We celebrated Dino's birthday this weekend as well. A house full of family last night and Dino cleaning up frantically as they made their way out the door - haha. He says we are stopping at one child...

Today is my first day off work and I have a long list of stuff I still want to accomplish this week. Hopefully the baby cooperates and gives me a little more time...

more belly photos...