Sunday, April 8, 2018

Na na na na, na na na na, BATMAN!

Rhys requested a BATMAN themed birthday this year.
So we had a family dinner party at the Bat Cave the Saturday before his birthday!

Despite feeling a bit under the weather with a slight fever/cold
(and stating that he wanted to stay in his jammies all day - and not his cute batman gear I bought - even for the party!..and not even his SUPER HERO jammies...kid you're killin' me here...)
he had a good time with his cousins.

We also let him choose an activity to do as a family
(instead of having a "friends" party)
and he chose bowling!
So the four of us & Grandpa went glow-in-the-dark bowling.
It was lots of fun!

Grandpa ended up winning BOTH games (who invited that guy anyway??!),
but it was really close for all of us until the last couple frames!

Skye said she wants to bowl every week and get really good so she can win trophies. LOL.
So we will see what the future brings!

And Rhys proved that you CAN bowl with a chocolate bar in one hand.
All you have to do is get your sister to bring the ball to you, have your mom line up the ramp, and then push the ball off the ramp with the hand that isn't holding the chocolate.
Easy peasy for PRINCE RHYS!!
I guess it WAS his birthday, so we can forgive the lazy little guy...
 Footnote: Mommy is REALLY glad birthday season is over with again...we (SHE) is partied out!!

Happy 4th birthday Rhys!

how did he get to be 4?!?

There were times when he was a baby and I would stop for a minute and think to myself
"where did he come from??" - for real!

Because it was all such a blur after he was born, trying to survive with 2 kids
(praise my {crazy} grandmothers for having 8 & 11 children, cause my limit is 2!!).

But it was like I would wake up from the fog for a second and see him and how he had grown so fast and wonder WHEN it had happened (which every mother says...).

And now he is 4...but the size of his 6 year old sister!
Before I know it he will be like

and I will be like

Some words/phrases I would use to describe Rhys these days are:
Shadow (mine)
Jokeful (it is a word, I looked it up)
Morning person
Loves to play toys
Loves to color
Mini Dino
PEST (lately this is the ONLY word to describe him!!).

Mostly a pest to his sister,

but he can be a definite pain in my butt too!
He has learnt the art of annoyance and can push his sisters buttons to know end.
But she hasn't learnt the skill of ignoring him yet...which makes for some very trying hours in the day.

Despite him being a royal pain at times, he IS still the best cuddler and can be a really sweet boy.

We love you Rhys!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy 6th birthday Skye!

6 years old tomorrow! wow...
I know it's what everyone says about their kids, but she's grown up so much in the last year, maturity wise! She seems like a teenager already, and we aren't even close to that yet...!

Some words I would use to describe Skye these days are:
Perfectionist in the making
Night owl
Mini me

The list could go on...but I am exhausted from party day and I still have Easter Eve to deal with ;-)

We love you Skye!!

Time to Par-tey! 6 year old style!

Skye asked for a "slime" party this year.
Some people call me crazy, but we did it anyway...with 14 kids! Good thing I had a pro-slime helper! Kinsley (a friends 10 year old daughter) joined us and taught us how to mix up a couple different kinds.
All in all it was a success and the girls (and Rhys...lucky guy!) had super fun getting their hands dirty. 
Thanks to Auntie Shan and all the moms that helped out as well! It was definitely hands on for everyone. 
And Skye loved having her little friends join her to celebrate her special day - thank you for coming!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Disneyland backpost (April 29 - May 6, 2017)

...I have managed to get my post done for last years vacation!

View the post HERE!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Christmas festivities

Well - we survived Christmas! I ended up feeling better by the end of the week. And my mom came to town the Thursday before Christmas and thank gawd for that! She was a lifesaver - as all moms usually are. I know I wouldn't have been prepared for Christmas Day if I hadn't had the extra hands.

We mostly prepped all weekend, but we did manage to get out the evening of the 23rd for some festive fun! Bowling and a scenic limo ride with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins! An odd combination, but the kids really enjoyed it. It was their first limo ride - go figure - and the first time they actually bowled. And now they really want to go back to do it again. Makes me wonder why we haven't done it before?!? Such an easy family night out.

Christmas morning was exciting as usual. The kids weren't up super early, so that was nice. They each got their #1 toy on the list - Skye's was a Owlicorn (owl/unicorn) Hatchimal and Rhys' was a super cool batman RC truck that shoots a rubber bat. And a few little things in their stockings.  Oh - and a new sled from Santa ;-) I was very happy that it was not an overload of toys, but a variety of activities and clothes, pjs as well. Momma got spoiled with a new computer (YAY - but I'm still trying to get it all set up the way my old one was...) and daddy got his favourite staple - a collection of new hoodies! The "family" also got a table top video game with all the retro games - Pacman, etc. So now daddy is "bonding" (haha) with the kids and teaching them how to play. And they are getting pretty good.

Christmas evening turned out wonderful! We had a total count of 28 people (10 of which were younger kids running around) - Dino's 2 brothers and sister and their families, as well as Jenn's parents, sister & boyfriend & family and Kerri's brother & SIL and my mom and us.

And because we don't have a house large enough to seat that many people, we had pre-cleaned out our attached heated front garage and turned it into just another part of the house. Dino called it our "redneck Christmas" - lol! We had laid area rugs on the floor and set up tables and chairs and it went great. It was a throwback to my parents house when they used to host Christmas for like 100 people (and I'm almost not exaggerating - they had big families and then their kids on top of that!). I'm not sure how the heck they cooked for that many either?!

We had great company, and went thru a LOT of wine and delicious food - it was our usual potluck, so that was a huge help to me.

And after Christmas...we just VEGGED!! It was sooo great! Everyday was pretty much a pyjama day. It was insanely cold - too cold to go anywhere. And the coughs came back in full force for everyone, so we didn't feel like doing much. I had the whole week off work as well, which isn't typical, but it was welcomed this year. We had originally planned to head to Saskatchewan to the farm, but it was even colder there! So we cancelled, although we missed spending a few days with my dad.

We even cancelled New Years Eve - which was a party at my cousins in Airdrie. The kids were unwell and we didn't want them out in the cold and staying up late, as it was back to school a couple days later. And I was in bed by 10:30pm that night! New Years is overrated haha!

But cheers to a healthy and happy 2018!