Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas is a coming...

Geez, wasn't Halloween just yesterday??! Time flies by faster every year.

We tried to not overload our calendar leading up to Christmas, in hopes of fending off the exhaustion and sickness that plagued us last year. And even though we said no to half of the functions, we still had enough to keep us busy. It was a nice pace - about one party a weekend.

Some of the fun times we had were:

-  dropping off our Santa letters at Southcentre mall Santa mailbox and decorating a cookie to eat

-  my work kids Christmas party at Tommy K play (we chose that over the adult party this year). The kids had a blast and made some new friends for the night. Skye got a taste of laser tag and loved it of course.

I wonder what this conversation was about!! Santa looks amused.
-  Skye's school Christmas concert on December 11. They sang two songs in Spanish. Students from all grades also helped to construct this AMAZING display, based on the movie The Star. The school had a movie night the week before and that was the movie we watched. The details of the clay figurines and props in the display were unreal - they did a phenomenal job!

Skye contributed a few pieces of her own - a shepard, an alligator, a chick, a horse, pig and cow. She LOVES making things from clay.

- and just hanging out at home!

Watching The Grinch movie and then fighting with each other!
Our "smaller" Christmas tree this year

Busy elves at our house
My favorite display - photos of Christmas' past
Skye's beautiful Christmas card to us

Rhys' great drawing for Christmas

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!!

Crushing evil with all their might
together NINJA STEEL
Never give up without a fight
together NINJA STEEL

Go Go Power Rangers

Standing up for what is right together
Watching out at day or night together

Go Go Power Rangers

Power stars, lock in! Ninja spin!!

The kids started watching Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Netflix at the end of summer, so they were excited to become Power Rangers for Halloween.
Of course, I jumped all over that, to be able to do a "family" themed costume again!!

It's Morphin' time!!

Ninja Rangers fear no danger!

Skye also got to be a "book character" for Halloween at her school.
During her summer day camp they had a theme week of Harry Potter.
She got into the character of HERMIONE for a couple more weeks,
so it was a no brainer to take the costume a bit further
and have more fun with it at Halloween.


 Skye also had her Fall Halloween dance at school for the whole family.
She went as Hermione for that and Rhys went as his Power Ranger.
I just did a little face painting for the night!

And of course we had our 3rd annual Halloween night out at Windsor Rose Pub.
It was lots of fun as always! My favorite night of the year!!

Lastly, Halloween wouldn't be complete with out a few Snapchats.
Leave it up to Skye to never forget!