Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

yee-haw! stampedin' time

We typically just participate in a couple private functions for Stampede.
Dino and I haven't been down to the grounds in years…
We may consider taking Skye next year when she is a little bit older.

This year Dino & I attended 2 evening stampede parties (on the Saturdays) at good friends.
The first was at our friends acreage in Airdrie. It was an outdoor party, and unfortunately it poured rain for most of the day/evening and had us under the tents until it cleared up. But it did clear up about half way thru the evening and allowed us to join in some fun and old fashioned games - gunny sack & 3-legged races - that had everyone laughing! :-) and they also helped us stay warm!
Dino's brother Maurizio and SIL Jenn also attended the party. So her and I partnered up for the races.

Note:  Before the races started, we had to reach into a bag and pull out an item. The item had to be worn while participating in all races.
My skirt was easy. Jenn's glasses were a little cumbersome ;-) Dino's "coconuts" helped keep his ears warm?? And for a guy who thinks races are "stupid" - he sure looks like he had a lot of fun! Maurizio was a party pooper and cheered from the sidelines.

The second party was a pizza/BBQ/surprise 50th birthday party. YUM!
Unfortunately I can't include pictures from they night, as they are too incriminating - haha!!
Some fun had by all included playing tippy cups, taking shots off the top of a cowboy hat, and roping a wooden steer.

Rhys was sick again last week, so we opted out of my work Stampede party at Girletz Rodeo Ranch (north of the city).
They kids would have loved it though :-(
Hopefully next year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

happy Canada day!

We braved the dreary weather and made a trip to Airdrie this morning to watch the Canada Day Parade from 10-12pm. Despite the sprinkles here and there, and the chilly breeze, the parade had a ton of people come out to watch.

Skye really enjoyed her red & white accessories and waving her flag, and Rhys really liked the horses - he would point as they went by.
And they both liked to dance whenever a float with music drove by.

It was a fun little event. And WAY shorter than the Stampede parade.
I am not up for that with the kids just yet!

Picnic time for Teddy Bears. The little Teddy Bears are having a lovely time today...

Last weekend the kids and I went to Edmonton to celebrate Vann (4) & Veda's (2) joint birthday party -
I'm really liking the dual parties! ;-)

It was Teddy Bear picnic theme and so there were lots of outdoor games that Skye has never participated in before - gunny sack race, egg race, bean bag throw.

mountain of teddy bears for donation :-)

And it was a scorcher weekend!!

Skye's face was red and wet the whole day from running around in the heat.

So when the yummy ice cream came out, it was like a stampede to go get some!
Rhys enjoyed it a lot - he wasn't giving up his cone for anything!

And then we finished off the evening with a wonderful visit, BBQ & fire in Cora & Ted's beautiful backyard! 
Skye's 1st s'more - YUM!