Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend! 

Friday afternoon we coloured Easter eggs! Auntie Shan came over to get creative as well :-)

The first part of dying the eggs went pretty quickly! There wasn't much "pre-decorating" with crayons. So after we had dyed all the eggs, we went back and "re-dyed", getting more creative with dipping half in or using rubber bands. And of course we added stickers and made dinosaurs and some cute little bugs.
Skye lasted the whole process and was disappointed when it was all over. She was working real hard decorating and liked making the creatures. 
Rhys loved just throwing the eggs into the cup of dye and then 3 seconds later digging it back out with his hand. It looked like he was wearing green mitts by the end. He lasted till about halfway thru, and then decided he'd had enough and went to veg on the couch with his dad :-)

 Saturday morning the kids and I met our friend Tania for an early brunch at the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus just off of Crowchild Trail.
We have been going there for years - so yummy! It had been a long time since the last visit. 

In the afternoon the kids and I got our haircut (and mine coloured). Our hair dresser does house calls now - so convenient!
It was so nice out after she left, and for once I was organized enough to have dinner in the crock pot, so the kids and I went outside for a walk and play session at the school soccer fields. Loving the sunshine! Rhys even kept on his new shark helmet while riding the "wiggle-totter", as Skye calls it. 

 Sunday morning we awoke to find that the Easter bunny had indeed visited! 
And he once again left his dirty little footprints throughout the house. Skye had been talking about the bunny "foon-prints' from last year, all this past year. Who says kids don't remember that far back?
I think he grew though - I don't remember his feet being THAT big last year?!?

The kids were so excited to find the eggs by following the footprint trail.  Well - Rhys didn't really know what was going on…he stopped at the first chocolate egg he found and was done! He wasn't bypassing chocolate! haha. And THEN he was determined to have momma's big bag of Mini Eggs. I don't think so!! ;-)

 The kids ended up with lots of little novelty items (bath capsules which they love, sidewalk paint, little animals that grow in water - which they also love) and a fun "UNO Moo" game!
AND mommy and daddy even got some goodies! Cheers to chocolate and yummy coolers! ;-)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Another visit to the farm

2 visits in as many months…

We spent Family Day long weekend, along with my sisters' families, at the farm again.
We were hoping for some snowmobiling, but there wasn't that much snow. So the kids only really got a ride around the yard and down the driveway! And they got quad rides too.

We also got to celebrate Valentine's Day there. I attempted to make heart shaped cinnamon buns…
And the kids got to dip marshmallows as a treat and exchange Valentines. I had crafted up matching shirts for the kids and also matching shirts for my sisters & I :-) 

and last, but not least, we celebrated Auntie Jess' birthday too!
Yummy yummy cake!

Ringing in the New Year!

I seem to be a bit behind on posts again…

We celebrated New Year's at the farm - it had been a LONG time since we had been there.
And the renovations were in full swing! The new floor looks great!

Our New Year's Eve party consisted of yummy snacks, Nutcracker Crackers (which the kids LOVED) and a parade around the coffee table wearing our awesome crowns, while blowing our blowers! My cousin Katelyn celebrated with us! The kids loved her. 

Unfortunately Rhys woke up at 3:30am that night with the pukes :-(
So mommy & him pulled an all-nighter and slept most of the next day away.

 Good thing he managed to get outside a wee bit BEFORE he got sick.

and we got to visit with Great Grandma Pauline too!
She's always such a good sport, even when Rhys is screaming his face off! haha.