Saturday, May 23, 2015

A day with Thomas the Train!

On Sunday, May 3, we spent the afternoon at Heritage Park. Thankfully the weather had warmed up from the day before and it was the perfect weather to be outside, and not have to worry about freezing or getting burnt.

Skye was SO excited about seeing Thomas. She would not stop asking all morning "are we going now??". And I kept saying "after lunch…". Seeing as she hardly eats anything anymore, it was quite comical that she really wanted LUNCH at 9am :-)
AND she was willing to leave daddy at home (if he didn't hurry up and get home from work) and just have her and Rhys and I go instead.

So we finally got to Heritage Park around 1pm. It was so funny to listen to her as we were walking thru the parking lot - "look mama - a clock - like Sodor (the island Thomas is from)". "And look - train tracks and a windmill like Sodor!!". She actually thought we were on Sodor!! It was awesome.

Seeing as our scheduled time to ride Thomas wasn't until 3:40pm, we had tons of time to look around and go on some of the rides. This being the first time we had been to see Thomas, I was surprised at all the extra Thomas tents they had set up.
There was face painting (Skye's first time, other than Halloween last year), tons of train tables set up to play with, entertainment, Sir Topham Hatt photo op (Skye was not a fan!), and of course a whole tent set up with clothing, hats and model trains for purchase!

Skye & mommy went the few rides that were open, while daddy & Rhys just hung out. It was great - the line ups were very small, if at all. And the ice cream shop was empty, so we got super quick service.

We may have got there a wee bit too early, because a certain little girl was getting quite tired and restless waiting for her turn with Thomas. It was very close to meltdown city…

Note to self for next time - go early, but not THAT early ;-)
FINALLY it was our turn and we got to go around the track 3 times! It was lots of fun. Even Rhys had fun climbing over to the window and watching everything go by.

Of course, the kids were both lights out 5 minutes into the car ride home.

Hopefully we will be lucky enough to go see Thomas again next year!