Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

it's been a long day - but fun.

Here are our costumes…better late than never right? ;-)

Daddy says Cruella
isn't much of a deviation (boo daddy!),

But he adores his two munchkins
as wee little Dalmatians!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things I (re)learnt today!

1. I hate baking AND I suck at it. Nothing ever turns out. 

2. Baking with kids CAN be hilarious, but is not very productive.

(insert picture of "little old lady Skye" here. This is what happens when I tell her NOT to touch anything while I go feed Rhys for a few minutes…I walk out around the corner to this! But she did "peel the butter" for me…)

 3. Do not open tabs of new food colouring bottles with your teeth - unless you want a new shade of blue lipstick!

4. My oven is hotter on one side than the other - which only makes half of it useful at one time. 

5. Baking makes my kitchen a disaster! 

6. I REALLY need a proper pastry bag instead of a makeshift ziplock bag!

And I came to the conclusion once again:

That all of the above are CLEARLY responsible for #1 on the list!?

And yet I keep trying…?!

Skye learned a new word today while baking!
It starts with D and ends with T and rhymes with PLANET!
Good thing she didn't hear the other choice words...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I REALLY am hoping to catch up on my blog and update the last 6 months…someday soon. (keep checking backwards on the blog, as I can backdate the posts - yippee!)

But for now, these are the most up to date pictures I have of our two little monsters!
We went to Shouldice Park on Thanksgiving Monday and my cousin Niki took a bunch of beautiful pictures.
So many, it's hard to pick just a few!

6 months old

A half a year has gone by already and our little guy is growing into a little tank!
He is a lot of fun at this age too!

- 20 lbs 15 oz and 29 cm long (almost out of his first bucket seat already. I had to buy a new one to extend it to 30 lbs!)
- always so happy and chill.
- rolling lots and sits up by himself for a few minutes at a time.
- blowing spit bubbles and eating his toes every chance he gets.
- clinging to us like a little monkey when we hold him.
- got 1 tooth on the bottom and likes to chew on my shoulder like a little vampire.
- eating solids now for a couple weeks and really likes food!

He also LOVES his sister. All she has to do is look at him and he smiles and giggles.

He does NOT like when his sister tackles him or squeezes him with her arm around his neck  (she says she's just "snuggeling"!) or when we leave the room and he's by himself.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Corn maze & punkin patch

We choose today to visit the Cobb's corn maze & punkin patch Southeast of the city.
It was a gorgeous day for it - quite hot out! And the kids had so much fun. Kerri & the girls met us there as well. We went for about 2.5 hrs but could have easily been there for twice that long - lots to do!  We had to drag Skye away - she was really sad to go :-(
Next year we will have to go right at opening and stay till nap time.

Skye LOVED the bouncy "pillow" (similar to trampoline). Even after she did a face plant she still kept going. And as I carried her off she told me "I lost my teeth" which sent me into a panic because there was a wee bit of blood and drool on her chin. No lost teeth though - thank goodness! :-)

And after a brief hesitation at the top of the first slide, Skye was coming down on her tummy like every other kid - all the fear gone!

Can we keep them locked in there all day??!
Goofy kids!

I think Grandpa really needs to upgrade the variety of animals on the farm. We need a few sheep and some baby goats! Skye would be entertained all day - brushing them, feeding them one piece of hay at a time and chasing them to give them hugs!

Busy girl gathering pumpkins to put on bales.

Rhys just wanted to eat the pumpkins.

Little kids, big chair!