Wednesday, August 22, 2012

daddy duty

I figure since I do most of the mean stuff (take her to get her needles, make her go to sleep, dress her when she doesn't want to get dressed...) - if Dino wants to cut her nails - go for it!

Mommy - is this a good idea??!
I better inspect his work
Oh! there went another nail over there
You saw that right?

Monday, August 13, 2012


It seems that I've been doing a lot of photo posts, but nothing specific on how our little girl is growing and her personality.

Skye is almost 4 1/2 months old now, is 15 lbs 15 oz (as of today when she got her needles - boo) & 26.5" long. She is above average in weight and height, so you could say she is quite "healthy". She is a very happy baby with smiles and giggles galore, unless she is starving or tired. Then she turns into a little devil and demonstrates her strength as she is flailing out of your arms. Once she is asleep - little angel again :-)

She has a fun personality and is goofy. She is bearing more weight on her legs now and loves to stand with our assistance. I believe she thinks that she is at a podium then and really starts to chatter! She recently started a new high pitched squeal or squawk which is pretty funny (I think cousin Vann taught her this).

She loves her swing, being held, airplane rides from daddy, dancing around, TV (which I honestly don't have on that much!), her cuddly bunny & zebra blankies and Tip Top the giraffe, bath time (but not getting dressed after) and playing with us. BUT her number one favourite thing right now is eating her fingers and toes. I've tried them and they don't taste THAT good, so I'm not sure what the attraction is. Oh ya - she also likes the "little green frog" song that I sing (out of tune) when she is getting cranky and it makes her smile every time!

She hates being in her car seat and can arch herself out of that and anything else we set her in these days - gone is the freedom of not strapping her in.

We just put her in the jolly jumper this morning and she loves it - which is no surprise since she has been kicking like crazy since before she was born. She is on the verge of rolling over too, but her arms keep getting in the way and she is constantly trying to pull herself up into a sitting position (from recline) but can't stay sitting yet. She loves looking around to see everything and has started wanting to "help" - hold my glass of water as I am drinking, hold her bottle, try and get her soother in her mouth herself...

Last week we started a wee bit of "sleep training" and it has been going pretty good. She is sleeping from about 11 till 7'ish with one or two soother wake ups per night. During the day she is on a 2 hr cycle - so eats every 2 hrs and only has a half hour nap every 2 hours. But she needs to be rocked to sleep for naps (you never really think it's a bad habit when you start - I mean who doesn't want to cuddle the baby as much as they can??!). One thing at a time...for now I will take the sleeping thru the night and deal with the rest later :-)

newest employee

at Dino's Auto Repair. And she probably works the hardest too!

funny videos

Here are a few videos that I thought were cute. Some go back a few months as well (they are in order of occurrence).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

old McGrampy's farm

Skye made her first trip to Grampy's farm this past long weekend. She did pretty good with the drive as well.

It was Macklin's 100th birthday celebration and the World Championship Bunnock Tournament, so Skye met a lot of new people (one of which was Great Grandpa Joe who will be 90 in November!). Even though we didn't watch any games (it was too hot out for the little ones) we spent the evenings in at my Aunt & Uncle's campers and visited around the campfire - Skye loved watching the fire!

She also got in a lot of playtime with cousin Vann. He even cooked her breakfast one morning! She also made friends with Dorothy the doggy. We are already beginning to see our little social butterfly take flight!


A few photos of the Pezzente cousins. Baby Londyn (Leo & Kerri's youngest) is only 3 weeks younger than Skye, but Skye has quite a few more chub rolls on her :-)

It will be fun to watch them grow up so close in age. And another girl cousin on the way in October for Jenn & Maurizio. Seems to be the year for girls!


We had our first family vacation to Hawaii when Skye was just 3 months old. We were in Maui from July 5 -15 for my sister Cora's wedding. She is now Mrs. Matsikas (other half is Ted). The weather was hot the whole time and it was a beautiful wedding!

We had a lot of fun. Skye loved being outside - even if it was mostly in the shade. The beach was too complicated with her, so we hung out at the pool which was easier. She loved her first swim! And she grew so much while we were gone. The 4 hour time difference didn't even phase her at all either - UNTIL we got home!

Our happy, sleep mostly through the night baby had disappeared (I was sure we brought home the wrong baby) and in her place was a jet lagged, miserable, crying baby who reverted back to awakening 3-4 times a night. It took a whole week of frustration and exhaustion to get back to normal. But thank goodness she got there. She is much happier again :-)

Note to self: never travel with a baby when there is more than 1 hour time difference.

There are a lot of pictures - but it was 10 days of photo ops! :-) if you click on the first pic it should turn it into slideshow mode.