Friday, June 26, 2015

happy father's day daddy!

Daddy got spoiled with some gifts and a very cute handmade card!

Skye (and mommy) made daddy a "catch-all" dish from clay and an A&Wesome basket of "papa bear" and "baby bear" mugs for (future) root beer floats. YUM!

Hey - why it's not singing??
(how can you tell my kids are used to getting singing cards haha)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

TBT (throw back thursday)

Here is a super cute video from last June. Skye seems so little (just over 2 years)! But her character cracks me up every time I watch it!! Love the lisp and WILD hair! 
Rhys was only 2 months old and can be heard a bit in the background.
Skye was "helping" mama with breakfast… (excuse the chewing and talking with my mouth full - haha).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

picnics and the zoo!

one of skye's new favorite phrases is "this is a yummy picnic!".
She says it almost every time we sit down and have a snack now (even if we are just at home) :-)

the kids and I went to a park last Saturday - and we had a (very basic) picnic. So that's where it originated from.
Her and Rhys were the perfect little picnic companions :-)

Today we met up with our friends Sandy & her little girl Harper (who is 2 days older than Skye - I met Sandy in our prenatal classes) at the zoo.
We were there from 10:30-2'ish and made it out just in time to miss the downpour! We weren't even at Memorial before it started. Lucky!
And we had another little quick picnic - as the girls couldn't wait any longer to play at the park.
Really -  we could have just met at a playground and had the same fun time (and not have bothered with the zoo passes…).
Oh well. I'm sure we will go a lot this summer to get our money's worth.
they had more fun playing on the fake komodo dragon than seeing the real one
cute little bums!
love our JJ Cole picnic blanket! fast and easy to roll up
these goofs wanted to roll down the big hill.
And then had all the little tree pods stuck in their hair and clothes!
And I just came across the pictures from our last zoo visit that I had forgot to post from Easter weekend. You can see them here.

Friday, June 5, 2015

may long weekend in Edmonton

The kids and I went to Edmonton for May long (daddy was busy working…). We went up Friday morning till Monday morning. The weather on Friday and Saturday was pretty dreary - as it was in Calgary. We spent those days indoors playing.

Finally on Sunday, the weather warmed up a bit and we made it outside in the morning to decorate Auntie Kucha's driveway. And then we went to the park for about an hour in the afternoon. SO hard to get out with all the kids when they all have different nap schedules. They had lots of fun though!