Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three (Skye) things Thursday

1. So the kids and I went to Southcentre Mall shopping last week for daddy's birthday presents. And even though Skye is getting somewhat better about not taking off on me and kind of listening when I call her back, I still can't trust her as far as I can throw her (not that I would throw her of course…) :-)
So we were in Below the Belt and I was looking thru a stack of tshirts for sizing and Skye was exploring, but I could see her thru the aisles. And then of course the next time I glance she is gone…and I get a little frantic when I call and she doesn't peek around the corner. So I start searching thru the store as I am heading towards the exits and I still can't see her. So now I am getting a lot more frantic thinking she bolted out to the mall. Well I am just about to run out and check, when out of the corner of my eye I see something and then did a double take. Skye has climbed up the display, into the front window and is standing there looking out at the passers by!! And she had a few observers who were quite amused by it all. What a kid. I'm sure she was oblivious to the fact that she looked like a mannequin, but it was quite funny after my heart slowed down. Back in the stroller she went…

2. Skye learned about the Lego movie from the little boy at dayhome and has been asking to watch it. And she has also been all messed up with her sleeping schedule. Lots of days she is exhausted just before dinner, and even though I try to keep a very close eye on her while I am making dinner, she always manages to fall asleep on the couch the second I look away. And she is impossible to wake. So she will have a long "nap" and then be wide awake till late! This is why we cut out her naps during the day totally.
So last night Dino and I were going to sit down to watch some TV, but Skye was still awake. So we said she could sit with us for a little bit before going back to bed. She assumed we were going to watch the Lego movie and when daddy turned on the TV to something else the conversation went like this:
Skye: "uh where's the Lego movie"
Daddy: "we aren't watching the Lego movie"
Skye: "YAH we are" in a matter of fact voice.
We both started laughing at the almost 3 year old who acts like the boss.

3. Also last week, Skye was making some cards with stickers and her markers, while I went to put Rhys for a nap downstairs. I came back up and she was playing in the living room so I asked her "are you all done coloring your cards?" and she said "no, I colored my cheeks". And she turned around, and I looked up, and my jaw hit the floor. She definitely had colored her cheeks. And then I burst out laughing as she smiled so proudly and did a demonstration for me! haha. Thank goodness for washable markers! It came off SO easy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lordy Lordy - look who's 40!

not me! yet…haha.

BIG happy birthday to my hubby Dino! You don't look a day over 40!

For any that are confused - today is Dino's "real" birthday, as opposed to his "legal" birthday, which is March 12, 1975.
The story is that he was born on the 10th, but never registered until the 12th. I guess his parents couldn't decide if they were keeping him or not?!
So while the family celebrates it on the 10th, lots of other people know it to be the 12th. He says he gets a whole "birthWEEK" because of it and tries to milk it for all it's worth.

Of course, some of us were obligated to razz him on this BIG birthday while we could:

Skye & Rhys got daddy a shirt that they knew he would love!
Even if it only becomes his pajama shirt ;-)
Skye also picked out some funky socks and bright shoes she thought daddy would like (he choose the purple over the Superman high tops - haha)

I worked really hard on my "chocolate bar poem" card - because Dino LOVES chocolate bars
(maybe even more than he loves me??).

He was quite impressed with it and really liked the line about "payday" - haha.

My sisters & BILs gave Dino a jar full of suckers with the title "40 Sucks".
The neighbors brought over wine and Crave cupcakes - yum!

And some very dear friends of ours wanted to pay their respects with some decorative lawn ornaments.
Dino took Skye out early this morning, as he was leaving for work, to show her the "birds"

Dino didn't want a grand party, so we will just have his family over for dinner this weekend.
I'm sure he enjoyed all the attention though and would like to thank everyone for making him feel special ;-)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Itsy Bitsy Aviana is 1!

We went to Edmonton this weekend to celebrate Aviana's first birthday. Geez these kids are growing way too fast…and she seems too small to be 1 already. But I guess she is similar to the size Skye was when she turned 1.

smash cake - so cute!! both cakes were amazing
It was a great party and very impressive! Cora did a fabulous job with the party planning! Especially since she never does that sort of thing and is only starting into the crafting world a bit - haha!

The theme was itsy bitsy spider and it was so cute. The kids had lots of fun and the cake was yummy. It's too bad we couldn't have stayed longer. Skye was really upset when I told her we had to go home cause daddy had to work. She had it all figured out "daddy go home and we stay at Auntie Kucha's" haha.

Poor kid. Even though she had been running a fever since Friday night, and wasn't really herself all weekend, she still wanted to stay. Not sure what she might be coming down with…

yummy pasta dinner
first birthday cake!
All the kids were getting in on the cake. :-)

Skye COULD NOT WAIT to eat the big cake.
I have never seen her so cake crazy!! She saw it sitting on the dining table well before the party started and kept asking to have some. And I kept saying after we sang happy birthday to Aviana. Of course, SHE started singing right away in hopes that would be good enough.
So FINALLY when Uncle Ted carried the little cake to Aviana and the singing was being done, she saw her opportunity. And I turned around just in time to see Skye BOLT to the other big cake at the dining room table and reach up her hand to dig in - I actually had to yell at Dino across the room
"stop her!".
OMG it was too funny.
She had to try the little cake too :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

First trip to the Mountains

Last Saturday the kids & I took a trip out to Banff overnight. We had a nice (quick) drive out in the morning - the weather was perfect. Skye kept saying "wow" as we got closer and closer and the mountains got bigger and bigger.  At one point she said "I might be scared of the mountain…Mama - you scared of the mountain??".

We met some of my extended family at Nakiska ski hill. A few of them skied and the rest of us just hung out in the chalet. Skye went "skiing" for the first time! She was SO excited.
So, even though Rhys woke up with a cold on Friday, I didn't want to cancel Skye's ski trip! She was even excited about her "space helmet" that I bought the day before :-)

We had a quick bite to eat and then got Skye all sized up for boots and skis and off she went to the bunny hill with "Niki Mama" (our cousin) for her ski lesson ;-)
I used to ski (about 18 years ago!) and although I would like to try it again someday and go with the kids, I decided I couldn't chance a broken body part at this stage of the game! Call me chicken…

We each took an arm and pulled Skye over to the bunny hill and she giggled the whole way. And the "magic carpet" ride was too fun. Thank goodness she didn't have to tackle the gawd awful t-bars that we used to have too…although they did make for some good mishap memories! Not everyone can say they have been dragged up a mountain by one foot - or maybe they can if they skied in the '80s/90s ;-)
Magic carpet ride
what cute ski bunnies!

the sunglasses didn't last long - they didn't fit properly under the helmet and kept falling down
 apparently teaching is hard work and you get a little warm! ;-)

Niki used a few different ways to try and teach Skye - by skiing backwards facing Skye or using her scarf to reign her in. Of course, Skye being Skye, she just wanted to go faster and straight down the hill. They even got into a bit of an argument that "I can do it myself! Don't help me!" haha. She did not want to snowplow…

They did about an hour and then someone was getting a wee bit tired and needed a break before meltdown. So they came in for a rest and a hot chocolate. And then they did another few runs just before the hill closed. So all in all, it was a fun and successful first ski experience! We even had our own group of cheerleaders and paparazzi!

We all went for very yummy pasta at The Old Spaghetti Factory and then Niki and Skye went to Auntie Mar-ga-ret's condo for a party, while I put Rhys to bed. Niki bunked in with us that night and we were up early the next morning and left for home by 9:30am - nap time for Rhys!

Skye would like to go again sometime and is so proud of the ski ticket on her coat :-)