Thursday, September 27, 2012

my flying saucer

I really, really like it. Except that pesky whale keeps hitting me on the nose with his tail. I will show him! I will just eat it.

mommy's day out...or two

So after 5 months mommy finally left little one for longer than a couple hours. And daddy finally stayed with little one for longer than a couple hours. A big step for both! Mommy spent a Saturday golfing 18 holes with her friends at her work tournament. It was a lot of fun and a gorgeous hot day in September. Of course, she did miss baby. And daddy and Skye spent the day playing, napping, going for walks and more napping. He did an awesome job! I think he just signed himself up for daddy & baby day once a month!

It was a busy weekend, as the next morning mommy & Skye took their first road trip alone to Edmonton to visit Aunties & Uncles & cousin Vann. We also saw our cute little friend Nicolas! On the Monday night mommy & aunties went to the Roxette/Glass Tiger concert, while the Uncles watched the babies. They too did an awesome job, despite stereo crying, Vann puking up his blueberries and a diaper blowout from Skye. It was a busy 4.5 hrs! :-) The girls enjoyed the concert though. Note: Bands that could hit the high notes 25 years ago probably can't do so anymore, so don't go in with overly high expectations. ;-)

All in all it was a good weekend!

Mommy - where are you?
Skye & Nicolas (Nicolas is 3 days older than Skye)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


does sleep training seem like rocket science?? it shouldn't be this hard to get your baby to sleep and stay sleeping?


The last week in August we took our annual friends vacation to Montana - but this was the first year with the little one in tow. She did really well - and especially liked napping on the boat (gets that from her dad!) - even with the music cranked. We didn't stay in Whitefish this year. Instead we stayed on Bitterroot Lake. It was a really nice house and the lake was great for wake boarding and very quiet. I decided not to push my luck and stayed away from the water sports this time, in order to avoid injury. I do better at land sports. Dino stepped it up a notch this year though and even did a 180 degree turn on the wake board! The next time he tried it though, it proved more painful. Practice, practice, practice ;-)
PS. Little one started to roll over from her back to her tummy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

more hawaii photos

Cora just emailed me some more photos from Hawaii. We had a lot of fun with the photo booth and props. And we updated our family photo too!

The Newlyweds!

Informal family photo!
Formal family photo!