Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

5 more sleeps till Santa...

We are very excited to have our little one with us for Christmas this year - it gives the holiday new magic. Skye loves the lights on the tree and has even managed to roll herself over to it a few times and snag an ornament from the lower branches. She isn't crawling yet, but it will be soon. She finds other ways to get where she wants to go.

Our family wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a fun filled holiday season! And drive safe if you are travelling!

First time on Santa's lap

This is the photo I was waiting for from my work kid's Christmas party. So this would have been Skye's first encounter with Santa. And she had big smiles. See earlier post for second visit with Santa - not so many smiles.

Friday, December 14, 2012

skye's baptism

The weekend of November 24 & 25th was busy and full of family!

My family all came up for the weekend and stayed with us - so it was a full house. We went out for dinner on Saturday night to toast my dad's 60th birthday that was the previous week.

On Sunday we celebrated Skye's baptism. She didn't even mind having her hair washed by father :-) and let out a little laugh as her dad hoisted her into the air. This event was made extra special by Skye being fortunate enough to carry on the tradition and wear the same beautiful gown that her daddy and all of her zia's, zio's & cousins have worn before her. Thanks to all that attended!

And Monday morning brought chaos as everyone tried to pack up and head home.  The house was still a mess at the end of the week and we were all still tired (big yawn), but it was a very fun weekend!

90th birthday extravaganza

My Grandpa Joe (my dad's dad) celebrated his 90th birthday at the beginning of November (and look how handsome and with all that hair yet - haha)! We travelled home to Macklin, Saskatchewan for the big party. It was great to have almost the entire Oborowsky family together again (I believe only 3 grand-children were missing) - many cousins that we hadn't seen in quite some time - and they aren't little kids running around anymore! A fun time :-)

This event would have been remembered just for the status of itself, but most of the group got more than they even anticipated! Starting later Sunday evening and into Monday, about 75% of the group got very sick with the Norwalk flu. Most had made it back to the comfort of there own home and could rest for the next few days. Dino got sick during the night on Sunday. Skye was a bit sick as well (thank goodness not as bad as her dad). But for some reason I was spared (maybe it knew that I needed to take care of the little baby AND the big baby so I couldn't get sick myself?). After a few days, and some bleaching of the house, all was okay again.

Can't wait till the next big family function! ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

jolly old st. nick

This is Skye's second time on Santa's lap this week - lucky girl! Her and I went to my work kids Christmas party last Sunday and she had big smiles for Santa - but I haven't received the photo back yet.
Yesterday her dad wanted to take her to see Santa again at the mall. But the timing wasn't great and of course she was ready for her nap and hungry as we reached the front of the line. So this is what we got - along with a bunch of other photos of her screaming and arching to get out of Santa's lap. The best one was when she had her one arm up in the air and was flailing like crazy. Santa's lucky he didn't end up with broken glasses - haha. Hmm...wonder if that gets her on the naughty list now.

Speaking of naughty list...Santa put ME on it - for not feeding my kid. Seriously, does it look like my kid is starving?? :-) He asked if I brought any formula and I said "no, she doesn't take a bottle". So he told me to go feed her a hamburger and come back and I could jump the line for another try. So off I went for a quick feed as she was still tired and restless. I returned, and Santa asked if I fed her and I said yes. He asked "what did you feed her?" and I said "milk". And he said "I thought you said you didn't have any milk to give her?" and I said "yes Santa - I AM the milk". Santa's face did a big "OHHH!" reaction. It was pretty funny :-) so maybe I redeemed myself to get on the 'nice' list.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

pet peeves!

k - so far this blog has been all happy and cheerful, but right now I am going to vent!

Just a few of my pet peeves (that have happened all within the past 2 days - except the drive thru - but some of which happen on a regular basis, which is even more aggravating):

- grocery store clerks that forget to put a bag of your groceries into your cart!
Seriously - the bag is right in front of you!! 2 clerks on 1 till - one of which is there to only bag the groceries and make sure they get into your cart... This should not be something else that I need to worry about when I am already scatter brained and can't remember normal things. And then when you phone and ask if it was left behind, they ask you "is it a problem to come back to the store and get it?"...omg if I could reach thru the phone right now...

- that also reminds me of fast food drive thrus - that all too often either give you the wrong item, or forget an item all together. I now wait at the window and check thru my bag before driving off. But the one time I forget, you can be sure it happens.

- people that park too freaking close to your car so that you can't get your baby (with or without the carseat) in or out of the car!
or even better - when you are IN the back seat feeding your baby (with the car running), they proceed to park so close that I can't even squeeze out the door in order to get into the front, to go park in another parking stall, so that I CAN get my baby out...
and for anyone that says "park at the back of the parking lot where there is more room"... I dare you! First, I have tried that and it still doesn't matter, and second - you try lugging a carseat with a 20 lb baby around all day long. You won't be parking that far away for long.

- you enter a store, look around, are still looking around (like you are lost) after several minutes, and still no one comes to ask you if you need help finding something! AND you can particularly see 3 clerks standing around chatting and doing absolutely nothing. You actually have to interrupt them to ask for help. At this point, if it's nothing I have my heart set on, I usually walk out! But it's still a waste of my time in the first place, which pi$$es me off. WTH happened to customer service?

Alright, I think I got that out of my system for now - thanks for listening. ;-)

Now to end on a happier note here is a cute picture :-)

Skye's first time sitting in a shopping cart. She was SO excited she could barely sit still. She kept whipping her head from side to side with the biggest grin on her face and her head held high like "look at me - I'm a big girl". It was so funny. Until she started to chew on the cart...yuck!

PS. what happens when you are only getting maybe a half nights sleep for over 8 months? (well come to think of it...lots of things!!) - you end up driving around for over a month with an expired drivers licence - oops!

Friday, November 30, 2012

dear santa...

Elmer's birthday "memory" book

For those of you wondering how the memory book went over for my dad's 60th birthday - it turned out really well. I am still finishing up some of the pages - as it was a bigger project than I expected...and now our printer is broke and we are awaiting parts. I will post some of the entries in the near future, so that you too can have a good laugh, as we all did! Thanks SO much to all those that participated and took the time to contribute! I know it's not easy to find a spare minute or think back that many years, but the memories were a great tribute to my dad and he really enjoyed reading them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

who could ask for a more delectable meal...

than lobster and strawberries? :-)

Skye and her friend Harper at a Halloween Boo Bash a few days before Halloween. There was a photographer on site taking complementary photos. It turned out super cute!

Friday, November 2, 2012

anyone want to contribute...

to the "Snoofie Toofie" fund?

I ate too much candy at Halloween and mommy & daddy said they can foresee me needing lots of dental work in the future.
I'm not sure how they can tell, when I only have two teeth so far?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

happy halloween!!

mommy likes to dress up for Halloween,
she likes it a lot.
but I wish she would leave me out of it,
instead of sticking me in this damn pot!

(p.s. I found out this was actually daddy's idea to put the lobster in the pot!!)