Saturday, April 27, 2013

can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street...

Skye & I turned on a bit of TV today while I was getting a few things ready for lunch and I found it amazing that it appears no one has aged in over 30 years (since I watched)!
Not Maria, not Big Bird, not Snuffy...
Wow! I wonder what their secret is?

Friday, April 19, 2013


How much do I love jello?
so much that I try to lick the bowl clean
(she gets that from Grandpa!).

Skye's first experience with Jello and it was a hit.
Grammy and Daddy are beginning to be a
real problem when it comes to giving Skye treats...
something is going to have to be done soon!

blah blah blah Grammy this is my jello blah blah blah

Friday, April 12, 2013

skye's very 1st birthday party

I'm sending luck and wishes
All wrapped up in a hug
Good things should come your way
With this tiny ladybug.
                                   ~ Author Unknown

We celebrated Skye's 1st birthday on Saturday, March 30, 2013. It turned out to be a beautiful day for a party. We rented a nearby venue for some extra room. It was a great space, but it took many trips in and out (and a LOT of extra hands - huge thanks to my family) to bring all that we needed. We had a great turnout and a fun time (1). I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as well. Skye did really well for such a busy day (2) and she loved digging into her mini ladybug cake - yum!
1. mommy is very relieved to have the party planning done.
2. mommy thinks "small" is the way to go with future parties (but she is sure that she will forget all about this practical thought sometime in the future...)



one messy kid!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

grab some kleenex...

2 weeks of maternity leave left and then I will be back at work, 3 days a week anyway (so that is a little more bearable). I am extremely thankful for the past year that I was able to be off work to snuggle with my sweet baby. The time was very precious. I came across this poem that sums up many of the days we spent together...

What Did I Do Today

Today I left some dishes dirty,
the bed got made around 3:30.
The diapers soaked a little longer,
The odor grew a little stronger.

The crumbs I spilled the day before
Are staring at me from the floor.
the fingerprints there on the wall
Will likely be there still next fall.

The dirty streaks on those window panes
Will still be there next time it rains.
Shame on you, you sit and say,
Just what did you do today?

I held a baby till she slept
I held a toddler while he wept.
I played a game of hide and seek,
I squeezed a toy so it would squeak.

I pulled a wagon, sang a song,
Taught a child right from wrong.
What did I do this whole day through?
Not much that shows, I guess that's true.

Unless you think that what I've done,
might be important to someone
with deep green eyes and soft brown hair,
If that is true....I've done my share.

~ author unknown ~

Monday, April 1, 2013

happy 1st birthday baby girl

365 days of amazement, wonder and joy.
And more love than we thought possible.
That's what our little Skye has brought us.
And now she is turning one year old!

We've been thru so much in that amount of time,
that it is hard to believe its only been a year.
And yet I can't believe it has been a whole year already...
We are so excited for another 365 days of your giggles and snuggles!
We love you to pieces.