Friday, July 29, 2016

fun with Grandma

Lots of adventures and fun!

Rhys learnt a new word - GOAT! haha! And then he wouldn't stop saying it.

running with the goats!

 Skye made the goats special "salad"! 
swans at the pond!
and a duck family
park fun!

skye just hopped on and made some new friends! haha

Farewell to friends

We were sad to say goodbye to our dayhome family - Crystal, Matt, Nolan & Briar - at the end of June. They are making the move back to Nova Scotia.
Skye had been going to the dayhome since she was 1, so over 3 years! And Rhys just a little over a year.
So saying goodbye to their friends was hard!

We had a going away picnic with the past and current dayhome families at Fish Creek Park on Saturday, June 11.
It was a fun afternoon, and the rain stayed away.
The kids had fun catching little white moths, climbing the hillsides, playing by the river and making friends with the very tame "prairie dogs"!