Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 months old

Our little guy is 3 months old already!

But he sure isn't little anymore. He is weighing in at a whooping 17.6 lbs!
(I checked Skye's chart and she was that weight around the 6/7 month mark - haha).
So I guess you could say he is healthy and also very happy. He is such a chill little guy :-)
Only fusses if he's overtired or if he is starving (sometimes happens if I am busy trying to help Skye out with something).

He's doing well with night sleeping and is starting to have longer naps during the day, instead of the short little cat naps.
He has also starting chatting it up the last couple weeks and laughing - so cute to hear.
He especially loves when Skye talks or sings to him. She smothers him with kisses and squishes him with hugs and will take his arms and dance with him while he is in his little chair.

But let me tell you, this wasn't the case for the first couple weeks. Skye was very excited and had kisses when she first met her baby brother. But it quickly turned to her becoming an emotional wreck with every.little.thing. And comments such as "put (baby) away" "put over there" were quite common. This was all totally understandable with the big adjustment of having to share mommy & daddy's attention. (Let me say that I quite often had the thought of "what the hell did we do…!?")
She did adjust rather quickly though, as is her personality, and she has come to love her brother as much as we do.