Monday, September 30, 2013

Leo, Kerri & family

A fun afternoon in Fish Creek Park shooting some photos of Dino's brothers family with 3 sweet little girls! Kerri - here are your few teasers ;-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

bubble fun

I'd been wanting to take a bath photo of Skye to use for a groupon that I bought months ago. It was for an aluminum photo and I had 4 days left till it expired. So in went the bubbles and on went the jets (without the kid and the duck in the time at the time ;-) haha). This is what we came up with.
I used the bottom one for the order. I can't wait to see it!!

I also did this one in the aluminum style. 

I received the prints and they turned out awesome! And they are so light in weight. The company I used was Aluminyze. I did the bath photo 20x16 with the white matte finish and the bottom photo 10x8 with the silver matte finish (has a metallic sheen to it). Check out the website for more information. My photos of the prints below don't do them justice. Watch for groupons or coupons as well - way more affordable. Great for special prints that display a bit differently. If anyone comes across more groupons please let me know. 

Summer vacation

We took our annual 'friends' vacation to Montana Aug 17-24 with the Volpi's and the Giorgi's. This year we stayed on Ashley Lake - about 25 mins West of Kalispell.

The house we rented was beautiful (not overly kid proof) and the lake was amazing. The water looked more like the ocean! It was a beautiful turquoise blue and it was so clear.

Of course there are always pros and cons. The biggest challenges being the terrible gravel road that we had to travel on for about 15 mins to get there and the 10 min steep hike down to the water. I am SO out of shape! It was a fun week anyway and the weather was great - hot and clear! 

super surfing - doubles!
Mateo was a real fish this year!

Skye loved the water

daddy's favorite part of being on the water

costco trip - Skye wasn't sure she
wanted to be in the cart with Oliver ;-)

SICK of driving!

For the second week of our time off, Skye & I went to Saskatchewan to spend some Grammy & Grampy time. We were so sick of driving by then, so the 4 days of not having to travel once we got there was nice. The weather was also clear and HOT so we would spend the mornings running around the farm (Skye RAN and I tried to keep up) and the afternoons were mostly spent poolside ;-).

Skye was in absolute heaven with being able to run and run and run without stopping. She especially loved going up and down the ditches of the driveway?? She mastered them pretty fast. She did take a couple rolls down, but she just laughed and got right back up to do it again. She even got to dig TAT-TOES with Grandma. And eat ice cream with Grandpa.

to the potato patch we go

smelling the flowers

going to see the moo's
push harder Skye
watching the geese and swans
ice cream IN the pool!!
what could be better?

more ice cream
driving Grandpa's semi - beep beep!!
see grandpa - I drive better

Then on the last day we spent the day in at Macklin Lake to celebrate some big family birthdays. All of the Dewald Aunt & Uncles were home (except Fred) and lots of the cousins. It was a great turnout and nice to see everyone again! Skye ran around all day again and didn't stop until we settled in front of the fire in the evening. Grandma had to bundle her up and rock her to sleep or she would have still partied! Sunday was a loooong drive home and we were so glad to get there and relax for a whole day before getting back into routine.

NO MORE TRAVELLING…for a month anyway. Ugh. 

Auntie Donna - the birthday girl