Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rhys antonio pezzente

FINALLY…our precious little baby boy has arrived!

not to be outdone by his sister, he decided to make an even later entrance (not possible by much)!

born today at 4pm.
A big 9lbs 2oz, 21" long.
Mommy & baby are doing good!

Pics to follow once we settle in at home.

** (it's pronounced Reece…)

Monday, April 7, 2014

mommy skye

Skye took baby olive to dayhome and Crystal made a sling for dolly.
The cutest pictures!!
Hopefully she likes baby brother this much!

she even looks like a mommy with her frazzled hair (compliments of nap time…)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

skye gets to keep her own birthday!

which means her baby brother isn't here yet…

I would have put money on yesterday being a shared birthday - but it's a good thing I didn't!
I guess my kids are stubborn and just don't want to come out on time. Or maybe it's my body being stubborn.
Nah - let's blame it on the kids… ;-)

my next prediction is April 10!
skye's new dollie - Olive
giving Olive a ride - but I will hold her soother for her!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to our little Skye!

2 years old already...going on 4!
A lot changes in 1 year. And we still love her to pieces ;-)


Skye is a very happy/goofy kid - most of the time. She IS entering the terrible two's I think - wanting to be more independent and freaking out if you try and help or deter her from doing what she has her mind set on. The tantrums are more frequent now... :-(
hoping this phase won't last too long, especially with a second baby to take care of.


Skye loves the outdoors. She would stay out all day if you let her. Just likes to walk and walk and play in puddles and with snow. Once the weather finally gets nice enough, I'm hoping we can get outside more. She got a little stride bike for her birthday and I know she would love to get using it.

She loves doing puzzles, magnetic doll dress-up, coloring, stickers and other games, playing with balloons and bouncing balls. Dancing, jumping on the bed and wrestling with her dad are other favorite things to do as well.

She is obsessed with driving (standing in daddy's truck and steering - while they are parked on driveway) and playing with his "dollah's" (dollars) - meaning his wallet full of cards and sometimes money. She will take it all apart, one at a time and then try and fit it back together. Dino bribes her often with money for her piggy bank. Who says you can't buy love? ;-)

She is also obsessed with watching Toopy & Binoo on TV and our iPhones (she likes to swipe thru our camera rolls and look at photos and videos that we have taken of her). Not the best addictions already, I know!


Skye is approximately 34.5" tall (although it's really hard to tell because she won't cooperate and stand still next to her growth chart) and weighs 26.4 lbs. She is mostly wearing size 2T clothing, although 3T fits with a lot of stuff. Her shoe size is about a 5.5/6.


Skye is a fairly good eater and can usually pack it away if she really likes something. She really likes to switch plates with mommy though! Instead of her small pieces of cut-up food and smaller fork/spoon, she says "I get mommy's" and reaches for my plate, and then we have to swap. So she now has whole food and monster utensils. She manages quite well though! And if she eats more that way, then whatever...

She LOVES all kinds of fruit and veggies (cooked or lately more raw with dip), potatoes - especially sweet potatoes, avocado (phases on and off), egg wraps with cheese, ketchup, soup, some noodles, yogurt, chocolate milk (every so often) and treats of course (she is her dads kid). Not too keen on most meats. She likes steak and sometimes hamburger mixed in with noodles and sauce. She does eat chicken now and likes the turkey breakfast sausages that we started recently.

Goofy kid:

Skye is a very goofy and funny kid (when she's not acting like an animal). She will dance crazy or do her "yoga" - where she bends over in a downward dog and sticks one leg up in the air. She does it quite well and figured out she can bend over and put both feet back on the couch in a plank position. Not sure if that is an indication of a love of exercise already?

She will "make eyes" at you if you wink at her or ask her too. And it's a sly look with some blinking involved. She will imitate you or make funny sounds that you are supposed to imitate. She LOVES to run and be chased or jump on the bed or couch or anything.

And one of her most favorite activities in the world right now - like once a day - (although I probably shouldn't be telling this) is playing "panties"- go figure!! She will sit in our walk-in closet and take mommy's basket of underwear (and I seem to have a lot...) and put both legs thru one hole and just keep piling them on until they are all on her. I think they record the one day was 43 at once!!! And then she will stand up and try and walk. It is pretty comical - we laugh a lot about it. And if it keeps her occupied and out of the bathroom drawers while mommy gets ready, then what the heck. Pretty harmless...but I do hide the basket when company comes over ;-) haha.


I can't believe the vocabulary and memory that this kid has! It is quite amazing how many words she knows. Not just everyday words, but words you would never expect to hear from a 2 year old or 4 year old sometimes. It's great though. She can communicate what she wants quite well, which is less headache for us all. And she talks non-stop! She will ask "what sat? (what's that?)" - and once you tell her she will remember it no problem. She can count to 15, knows her alphabet and colors and can sing quite a few songs (missing some words).

A few more of her common phrases are:
- "what happened?"
- "yay! I did it!"as she jumps up and down with arms in the air
- "I like it" as she makes a sour funny face and shakes her head back and forth - obviously meaning "I DON'T like it!" (tried mustard one day...)
- "MMMM - I like it" - meaning she really does like it. Or in sentences such as "Oh - I LIKE tolka dots (polka dots)."
- "One...more...time" as she holds up 1 finger. Usually when she wants to climb up daddy again. 
- "yah, it's goodt" when asked how her dinner is
- "how about dis one?" as she chooses something
- "hmmm..." as she is contemplating something and puts her finger to her mouth
- "Daddy Dino" and "Mommy Della" and "Skye 'Zente" (can't say Pezzente yet). These are all what her dad has taught her and so when she calls him Dino it's pretty funny. 
- and her latest "baby brother" is how we refer to mommy's tummy. I think we should just keep the name since I'm having a hard time deciding on one (my turn to pick this time, as Dino chose Skye's first name). 


Skye is liking her "big girl bed" a lot more. I think she just needed the extra room to stretch out and toss and turn - which she still does a lot of. She likes to climb in it by herself and jump on it too. Just today I said it was nap time and she protested for a few minutes, so I was tidying up lunch dishes. The next thing I knew she had her sooey and was climbing into her bed. So that was a nice treat for mommy! She still wakes during the night, 1 or more times. And usually calls out "mommy". Last night she fell back to sleep on her own. Other nights, mommy or daddy go in and end up sleeping the rest of the night with her. She is pretty good about going to bed on her own now, with the odd night wanting us to "lay down" as she points beside her.

I'm sure she will have lots to teach her little brother as they both grow during the next year. :-)