Monday, May 13, 2013

what's new at our zoo

Bugs! (not the creepy crawler type). Rather, "Bugs Bunny".

Even though it wasn't my idea and I still do not approve, she is pretty cute. This is totally a daddy move...Actually a client of Dino's thought Skye should have a pet and Dino said okay (I don't know what he was thinking).  So Dino built a bunny palace and he will be busy making sure little Bugs is fed and played with. I fear for that poor little animal though, our kid doesn't know the meaning of gentle. Skye says a big thank you to the sweet little boy that raised little Bugs and played with her and to the nice man that brought Bugs from Medicine Hat. :-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


off to school
I have been back at work now for 3 weeks @ 3 days a week. It's been going fairly well actually - it's a pretty good balance so far. I was happily surprised at how much I remembered once back in front of the computer. But I find the worst part is meal planning and having something ready to go when Skye gets home and is starving. There aren't enough hours in the evenings for dinner, bath, bedtime, making dinner for next night, laundry, etc before MY early bedtime (still need to work on that).

ready for school
Skye is really liking her dayhome as well. She seems to have a lot of fun there and is kept quite busy. The odd day she will cry a bit when Dino drops her off and when we pick her up, but overall it's nothing crazy. AND she is doing very well with her naps there...go figure. I heard that quite a few times from people - that she would probably sleep better for someone other than me. I still have to fight with her at home to nap and usually just end up rocking her to save time and energy (mine!).
sleeping beauty

Her night sleeping was great right before we started dayhome, but has since regressed (which is common). I think it was part separation anxiety and part teething. She was back to screaming when we put her to bed, so we would have to stay and rub her back. And about 2-3 night wakings and very early mornings, anywhere from 4-5:30 (before it was 6). So it was a tiring start to it all, but it did improve this week.

1st sandbox experience
Skye is 13 months old, weighs approximately 21 lbs 1 oz and is about 30.5" long. She has 8 front teeth (top and bottom) and has recently cut her 2 top molars, although they aren't all the way thru yet. So she is getting much better at chewing her food! She is a very healthy eater and usually inhales anything I put in front of her. Some days I think she eats more than I do! I'm not sure where she puts it all.  Some of her favorites are still avocado, cheese (hard and cottage cheese) and fruit - she LOVES fruit!

a little Treehouse after school
I did it!
Last weekend Skye discovered she could stand up by herself in the middle of a room. And then she went crazy spinning around in circles with her bum in the air, getting up and falling down - it was cute. She also discovered new climbing techniques! She can get up onto the footstool in her room and kneel up and rock forward and back (I can see a future face plant), she climbs over the back of her little rocking chair and onto the couch, and she also realized that if she is standing on the couch looking out the window (I'm sitting beside her), she can use her sticky little feet and climb the back of the couch and get on top of the back ledge! We have a climber. Yesterday I set her down in the basement while I was digging for something in the closet and she crawled away. I thought she was going to play with her toys, but a few minutes later I found her booking it halfway up the basement stairs.

Skye still "talks" and sings a lot, but some of the partial words she was saying a month ago must have went on vacation for awhile. She currently can say (randomly) mama, hi, bye, wow and uh-oh (her favorite). And she can wave bye.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1 year photo fun

March 26 was a pretty nice sunny morning 
(amidst the dreadful winter weather this spring), 
when Skye and I visited Karina of Oohlala photography

We spent a bit of time outside and then got down to business with CAKE!
It didn't take Skye long to dig right in - Daddy's girl for sure.