Thursday, November 27, 2014

Letters to Santa

We wanted to get our letters off to Santa early this year, so we wrote them up on Monday!

Skye helped mommy with what to write in her and Rhys' letters
(and added a few scribbles of her own words)
AND after I took these pictures, she proceeded to use a whole pack of stickers decorating them as usual.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

out of the mouths of babes...

Skye is always a goof, but the last week in particular, she is such a riot! She has me cracking up many times a day. And it occurred to me that I should be writing her lines down in a journal! Why did I not think of that from the day she began to talk…? it's been hard to keep up with them though!

Here are just a few from the last week. I know I didn't get them all jotted down. I will have to do it as soon as she says it or I forget:

While I am putting Rhys to bed I sometimes let Skye do puzzles on my phone. When I came out, this was our conversation.
Me "Skye it's time for bed. Turn off the phone please."
Skye "No I don't want to."
after many repetitions from me I finally say "Skye - I am the boss and I make the rules and you need to follow the rules. It's time for bed!"
Skye "No mommy - quite being bossy!"
Me "Uh pardon me??"
Skye "No mommy don't ask!"
Me "Skye - I am counting to 3…"
Skye "Okay! …member mommy - don't ask!"
Then her dad comes to the rescue and takes her off to bed as she is crying "mommy's the boss"…

She loves me, I can tell! ;-)

Then a few days later Skye and I are bonding over peeling caramels for baking and out of the blue she says "mommy - I so proud of you for not being bossy!".  I'm proud of me too - hahaha.

Everytime Skye spills something or drops it, her line is "that's okay mommy! accidents happen."

As we attempted baking again this week and skye was my little decorator helper, she was icing cookies beside me. I added a bit of water to her icing to make it a bit runnier and she continued. When all of a sudden I hear "Oh sit! ($hit)". Bahaha. I would be guilty on that one as well…oops.

"Oh sit!"
Me "Skye, if you are a really good girl Santa Clause will bring you a present. What would you like?"
Skye "presents"
Me "yes but what kind?"
Skye "an ipad"
…not likely! (that was her dad's influence)

"smells really yummy! tastes like caramels. How about bluebells?" (as she laughs)
"mmmm tastes like strawberry manilla"
"I ate lots cause I was starvin marvin!"

While Skye was having a sleepover at my cousin Niki's house she had a few too.
She got to sleep with my cousin Bronte and said to her at bedtime "you better not pee the bed missy!". Then they crawl into bed and she looks around and says "where is the camera??" (the monitor camera)

She was about to mess up the toys again after Ron had cleaned them up and Niki told her Ron would be mad because it was bedtime. Skye said "If Ron gets mad, that would be a BIG problem".

What a kid! I can't wait for more ;-)

Rhys - 7 months old

This happy little guy is 7 months old. He is always super smiley and such a good natured boy! Very ticklish, especially on his chubby little legs, that daddy likes to torture him with. He loves his big sister Skye and is always watching her when she is around. He is so snugly and affectionate and is always trying to eat the mama! He will grab both sides of my hair and then attack my face and chin. I like to think it's baby kisses, but he is probably hungry or teething ;-) He is babbling more and is saying a new 'word' that comes out sounding like "RAR RAR RAR". Still only 2 bottom front teeth, but the top two are very close to popping thru. Brown hair, and pretty sure his eyes will stay the brown they have turned to in the last couple months, just like daddy and Skye's. Sleeping is still a big challenge and we need to start a bit of gentle training in the next couple weeks.   It's just so hard to focus on his napping and such when Skye is around as well. Let's just say he wakes up anywhere from 4-5x a night, feeding 2-3 of those times...He has been eating solids now since a week before 6 months and is a hungry little fellow! Definitely needs his cereal/meals 3x a day and is almost ready for a snack or two. I can't wait until he is able to eat more of a variety in food and flavor - it will be easier to feed him. The little guy is on the move with the caterpillar crawl! He can get around quite well if he is motivated to reach something. Won't be long until he is crawling and following Skye everywhere. Probably just in time to get to the Christmas tree...
Hi mama!

story time with big sister Skye (who is making animal noises)

These two love books! Skye doesn't love when Rhys tries to grab what she has or her other toys. We are still working on sharing with her brother (which will get worse once he is on the move more!)