Tuesday, October 30, 2012

happy halloween!!

mommy likes to dress up for Halloween,
she likes it a lot.
but I wish she would leave me out of it,
instead of sticking me in this damn pot!

(p.s. I found out this was actually daddy's idea to put the lobster in the pot!!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


daddy comes home quite often with little gifts for Skye. When I sent him on an errand to Chapters for me he decided she needed a new bedtime story. So he bought her "firefighter ted" (or firefighter sned - like we call uncle ted). She quite liked the bright colors.

I pick THIS one!

On October 14 we made a trip to the corn maze & punkin patch to pick us some punkins for Halloween!

We took Nonna with us, and Zia Kerri & the girls met us out there too. It was a bunch of fun, but we missed out on the warm day that was the day before. Instead it was quite chilly with a cold wind. So we didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked. Guess we will have to pick a warmer day next year. Still got some really cute photos of all the girls.

"mommy come find us"
"here we are!!"

Cousins Brooklyn, Ava & Londyn
Cousins Ava & Brooklyn
Cousin Londyn

Then Skye & mommy worked hard to get our pumpkins done in time to take some photos outside - before the snow landed. It was a little blustery out, but Winnie the Pooh and Piglet blew by, so that added to the fun! Skye had to sample the pumpkin...and the leaves of course. 

What a happy little witch she was outside!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are thankful!!

Mommy - I'm ready for turkey!

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house for Dino's side of the family. There were 18 in all. We are definitely running out of room.

And we are thankful for so many things - especially being blessed with our healthy, happy daughter this year!

our snoofie has 2 toofies!

So after gnawing on everything in sight for the past few months, 2 sharp little edges have broke thru on Skye's front bottom. The first was this past Friday night - which probably explains why she was up every hour that night! And the second one Dino found this morning. But it wasn't as bad of a night as the last one. It may take awhile for them to actually show up as Chiclets though, they are moving slow...

Other updates:
- Skye is 6 1/2 months old
- she can roll over both ways now
- she loves to "pat" us on the back. Especially cute when I am burping her and she is burping me :-)
- she is sitting up on her own for the most part, with just a few fall overs
- she weighed 17 lbs 6 oz last week
- she is about 27.2", which isn't much of a change from last time (or we screwed up last measure)
- she is liking food (except for green beans and chickpeas)
- she is a very happy girl and loves to chat, chat, chat
- also very curious. She always is looking around (sometimes her head spins right around like an owl) to see what is going on.
- she is a goofy child and lots of fun. Always making us laugh!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

pretty soon it's Halloween!

We are working on our costumes...

We had so much FUN!

What a fun filled trip to Grampy's farm! We drove down Wednesday, Sept. 19 and came back Saturday, Sept. 22 afternoon. Skye loved it! She got to eat rice cereal for the first time (mmm...we knew she would gobble it up), go for a little ride in the big grain truck, help Grampy swath for 2 hrs (she slept for 1 hr of it), go for trike rides, pet the kitties and puppies (loves the wagging tails) and got lots of snuggles!

AND Grammy arranged a wonderful surprise for her babies - a miniature pony wagon ride. And it was only 10 mins from home. We went early Saturday morning before we headed back. There were 5 little ponies and we got to pet them and spend about an hour taking turns on the wagon. Skye giggled as she pet the pony and then fell asleep from the motion of the ride. Cousin Vann didn't really want to sit on the pony, but he did try to imitate the noises that they made.

Oh ya - Skye also got to meet Great Grandpa Pete - who is 93 years young! Another 4 generation photo! She had big smiles for Grandpa.

It was a terrific trip! We are really lucky to still be able to experience the farm life with our little ones. It is a welcoming break from busy city life!!

wow - he's got the same haircut as me!