Thursday, March 28, 2013

hoppy easter!

During our visit to the farm at the beginning of February, Skye and Vann got to play with some bunnies at my cousins photo studio. Veronica, from Prairie Girl Photography, took some great shots of the kids! Check out more of her fabulous work at

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoys this awesome warm weather!

Skye - 10 months

Vann - 21 months

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

laughs for today

so I think our little one gets car sick...ugh. It's happened 3 times in the last couple months (I am thankful it hasn't been more, as taking the car seat apart is a royal pain in the a$$). But I think it only happens WHEN she eats yogurt an hour or two prior to getting in the car. That is the only connection I can make so far...weird. You would think that after the second occurrence I would have remembered this and not given her the yogurt that caused the third occurrence...nope. Geez I hope I get smarter before I go back to work!
Anyway...that isn't the part I was laughing at. So today my darling husband is dressing Skye from her bath and I grab the dust buster to quickly vacuum our bathroom floor. And after having used the vacuum everyday for the past week and almost gagging from the smell that comes out of it, I finally said out loud "this vacuum smells like puke". And I look up to see Dino laughing. And he says "I was waiting for you to say something". Huh?? Turns out he may have vacuumed up a few remnant scrambled eggs from Skye's last car sickness incident. GROSS. Well no freaking wonder the vacuum stinks. And yet I had to laugh...

Totally different topic. Skye received a special "rubber ducky" when she was born. It was from dear family friends of our family. They are very much into hunting, along with my dad. SO the special ducky is actually a duck decoy used for hunting (it's almost as big as she is!). Vann also received one when he was born. So it's sort of become a tradition :-)
Well, a couple weeks ago we had the Giorgi's & Volpi's over. Oliver found Skye's ducky in her room and loved it. He wouldn't let go of it. So I just found out today that for Oliver's 2nd birthday on St. Paddy's day, the Volpi's got him his very own "rubber ducky" - haha!! Great way to get a kid into the bathtub ;-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

skye & audrey

hello Audrey!                                      hello Skye!

we met our friends Nicole & Audrey for a playdate at Market Mall at the beginning of February.

Finally Skye could crawl after Audrey, but Audrey is now walking and is still leaving Skye in the dust :-) Audrey was 1 year old on February 24. The girls like playing with each other.
They decided to try to see if they could both fit in the sidecar of the motorcycle. 

this is squishy
Audrey - I will stand and you try to sit?
maybe we should both stand

11 months

It's been a long time since I did an update on our baby. She is now 11 months! So close to a year old...

Such a milestone brings SO many changes. When you first have a wee little baby, the change in your life is enormous. It takes awhile to adjust. And then for the "middle" months, there are still adaptations, but they seem to be minimal and life kind of glides at a nice pace. Then all of a sudden month 10 hits and all hell breaks loose! ;-)
I am a wild one! Can you see it in my eyes??
Your little baby is turning into a toddler - taking off at lightning speed on all 4's as you chase her down the hall, climbing the stairs or the step stool you left out, dancing and singing to every bit of music she hears, waving bye-bye and greeting you with "mum mum mum" and "da da da" and giving kisses. I keep thinking how crazy it is that all of a sudden she understands so much of what is going on around her - she actually understands some of what we are saying! when did that happen??

Skye is such a happy kid (we are very lucky) and a lot of fun at this stage. She brings about so much laughter with her goofy personality and the excitement displayed in her actions and facial expressions. She is so animated!  With that comes a great temper as well - wow can she scream, but thankfully it doesn't show too much.  At this age, she is even more curious and determined!

She loves so many things: bath time, music, dancing, playing with us, pasta!, cheese, avocado, steak & chicken, water in her straw sippy cup, snuggling, her bunny babies (she's got a variety), going for a ride around the house on her zebra (we push her), going for walks outside, puppies & kitties!, still putting everything & anything in her mouth, driving!!, reading books (turning pages), playing ball, swimming lessons, balloons, climbing stairs (thanks Grammy!), washing her hands in the sink and playing with the bar of slippery soap, walking when someone holds her hands, pulling herself up on everything, tv & baby Einstein videos...oh and just recently she loves to hold her dollies! She will hold them tight and up to her face and snuggle and give them kisses.

Favorite place to be: in her bedroom pulling all the books she can reach off her bottom book ledge! The same ledge she will be climbing all too soon.

She does not like: holding still at all! (which includes getting dressed and having her pants changed), when you take things away from her, having water dumped on her head to rinse her hair, her face being washed, being contained in her exersaucer, sitting in her carseat for road trips, a bottle or homo milk...

- is 19 1/2 lbs (50th percentile) and 30.5" long (90th percentile)
- finally got her top front 4 teeth a couple weeks ago. And the two side bottom ones (next to front bottom) are poking out (total of 8).
- has quite a bit of hair now. It seems to grow quite fast. She had her first 'official' haircut on February 20th. Cousin Mandy got to deal with the wiggle worm! In the end, we had to finish in the bathtub to try and pre-occupy her.
- has medium brown eyes with a hint of green/aqua, depending on the light

Two more major changes in our life these past weeks are sleep training and weaning...
I finally decided that we needed some help in the sleep department. Things were just too crazy, and if I was to return to work, I wouldn't be able to function with how things were. So with the help of a sleep consultant we are finally making some progress. The first few nights were rough! We are now on night 11. We went from 5-6 wakings a night (nursing every 2'ish hours) and a baby that needed to be rocked to sleep, to a baby that can fall asleep on her own at bedtime (7pm) within minutes and no feedings during the night (and no soother). She is still waking once or twice, and we have more to accomplish, but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (fingers crossed)!

fun February...

we took a short trip out to the farm again on Feb 9 & 10th.  At least this time the weather was a little bit warmer and the boys got in another day of ski-dooing and the kids got to try out the little red sled.

this was Grampy's INDOOR sled - Skye loved it
This is how they "recycle" in Saskatchewan ;-)

looks pretty comfy

faster Auntie, faster!
Vann could actually pull Skye & Dorothy
daddy went too slow!
the kids playing their Valentine's music cards from G&G. Skye dances to hers every day!
AND we got to kidnap Grammy for awhile. The extra bonus is that there usually isn't a ride home for her all that soon, so we get to keep her for a longer amount of time (she was here 3 weeks)! Yay for us :-)

The following Family day weekend, Grammy, Skye & I went North to Edmonton. We went to Auntie's Janessa & Cora's Stella & Dot party on Friday night, out for dinner on Saturday night for Auntie Janessa's 30th birthday, and then Grampy even drove up for cake on Sunday. Grammy decided to come back to our house to try and help me some more, so we all headed in different directions on the Monday.
Grammy took Skye & her friends shoe shopping
The rest of February has been busy planning Skye's 1st birthday party and implementing some serious sleep training. Grammy's been a huge help with all that stuff, and both her and Skye have really enjoyed all their cuddle time with each other. As always, we were very sad to see Grammy leave. But, she has already arranged another trip for the end of March for a week (or maybe longer...hee hee).  :-)